From a solo act to a full Company show with dancers and live singers, we offer tailor-made entertainment to turn your evening into a fantastic event. With highly experimented artists and organizers, we will create - the - show meeting your exact expectations, budget and venue...

Cabaret danseuses

Elegancia Cabaret Show

Magical, sensual and dynamic, enter the spectacular world of Cabaret with our Revue « Elegancia ».

Allying traditional cabaret to modern choreographies, Elegancia Cabaret Show will make you travel from a crazy Charleston to an epic Cancan through magnificent feathers. With live singers and dancers, this show will please all kind of audiences.

Danseuses Comédie Musicales

From Broadway to Paris

This light-hearted and joyful show will transport your guests through the different musical theatre universes.

From « West Side Story » to « Starmania » through « A Star is Born » discover or rediscover the greatest French and International musicals classics with our live singers and dancers. 

Option :

Danseuses spectacle Comédie Musicales

Aerial Hoop

1 acrobat

When lightness, grace and poetry come into a haunting performance that will leave you speechless. Sweetness and sensuality will be at the rendez-vous.


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